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She's Thinking (thumbnail) Singing in the Dead of Night (thumbnail) ADHD (thumbnail) My Last Hope (thumbnail) Letter From Hell (thumbnail) Letter From Heaven (thumbnail) What's the Point? (thumbnail) Monster Loose (thumbnail) She Leads and I Follow (thumbnail) Is There Hope for Dopes Like Us? (thumbnail) Beautiful Ruins (thumbnail) Fractured (thumbnail) Am I a Game or Is This Real? (thumbnail) Where is My Power? (thumbnail) I'm Not the Proverbial Girl; Can You Love Me? (thumbnail) The Explosion (thumbnail) Beautiful Confusion (thumbnail) Remind Me Who I Really Am (thumbnail) Where Do We Belong? (thumbnail) Powder Keg (thumbnail) These Things I Love, Don't Make Sense (thumbnail) Hidden & Adrift (thumbnail) Shame on Us (thumbnail) Her Head Can't Hold Us (thumbnail) What's to Become of Us (thumbnail) Beautiful Slaves (thumbnail) Waiting is the Hardest Part (thumbnail) I'm With Them (thumbnail) Blinded by Life (thumbnail) Little Phoenix (thumbnail) Walking on a Wire (thumbnail) They Follow Me (thumbnail) Nine Sisters (thumbnail) What Am I? (thumbnail) I Hide Behind My Face (thumbnail) She Comes Between Us (thumbnail) Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen (thumbnail) It's All Inside (thumbnail) Deconstruction of a Southern Girl (the haunted) (thumbnail) Love Hurts (thumbnail) One Day I'll Fly Away (thumbnail) Why Are We Hiding? (thumbnail) How Did We Get Here? (thumbnail) And Where Are We Going (thumbnail) A Terrible Storm (Left) (thumbnail) A Terrible Storm (Right) (thumbnail) The First Kiss (thumbnail) All Alone in a World with a Green Sky (thumbnail) Heaven Help Me (thumbnail) Ballerina Snow Angel (thumbnail) I Never Meant to Hurt You (thumbnail)
Letter From Heaven (large view)
Letter From Heaven
Letter From Heaven

Right of Diptych
Each work is 26" x 17"
Hell painted with left hand; Heaven painted with right hand
Acrylic, Ink & Pastel on Canvas

To learn more about this work and the poem by W. F. Roby that inspired them, go here: